Amsterdam is by far one of the most unique places I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. I was contemplating whether I had made the right decision of this being my first destination in Europe but all of that was put to rest fairly immediately.

From the second we stepped down to when we got back on a plane, I enjoyed every second I was in Amsterdam. I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful architecture and the number of canals everywhere. The city’s love of bicycles was also something I truly enjoyed witnessing. Apparently, there are more bicycles than people in Amsterdam and who cant love a city with a fact like that?

The Dutch people on the other hand are nothing like the KLM air hostesses that I had grown to love. Turns out, the Dutch are a very straight forward bunch. Not very different than New Yorkers. They are blunt, to-the-point and can come off as rude if you aren’t aware of their culture. Once you get into a conversation with one of them though, you will definitely enjoy it.

During our exploration, we also had an opportunity to visit the Anne Frank Houis. Because her diary had such a big impact on me growing up, this was by far the most sobering experience I had in a while.

There are obviously some other parts to the city that you usually hear about but for some reason all of that was overshadowed for me with everything I mentioned above. Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed the city (as much as I could in 3 very cold days.)