This was my second trip to Agra and it started out a little rough. The weather didn’t cooperate but we had no choice as this was already planned months in advance as most International trips tend to be. We ended up skipping Agra fort but made the decision to go to the Taj Mahal anyway. It was so humid that all of our personal pictures look like we just walked out of the river. As we arrived, the biggest thing that was noticeable was that the Taj had lost it’s charm. I wish I could sugarcoat it but it was really a devastating moment for me as I had seen this beautiful monument pearly white only 10 years ago. The pollution and the lack of regulation in nearby areas has caused one of the wonders of the world to deteriorate. My thoughts in these types of situations are always “I wonder if a pressure washer would help?” – sad.

It did help me create of the my favorite photos of all time though. I’m not sure if I will ever take a better photo than this. This to me captures the essence of the Taj Mahal past and present. Everybody usually thinks of this monument as if it’s a beautiful palace and people used to live there. In reality, its a tomb, there are bodies buried under this structure. I was able to create an image to try to represent the Taj Mahal in a “tombstone” like state with a grungy surroundings.

We also had a chance to visit the Qutub Minar and India gate during our time in Delhi.

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