** This is a repost from our blog on Chil Creative

Many of us here at Chil Creative are aspiring artists. During our personal creative pursuits we’ve found the process of self marketing while maintaining sales and inventory can be be challenging. In addition to this we’ve always wanted to be apart of something that represents the city of Atlanta and brilliant creatives it turns out.

Over the past 5 months, we’ve been working on a pet project in the hopes to create a solution for this problem. Check out our newest brand: fourofour.co – an online marketplace driven through the love of our city, arts and entrepreneurship. As many of us have roots in the Atlanta photography community, we have collaborated with a few photographers for the initial launch, however we hope to connect with other artists as well as we grow. Portions of profits go back to the artists themselves.

I encourage you to check out our mission, the story behind the idea and the inspiration behind our flag design. I also invite you to like our social media pages: @fourofour.co and fb.com/fourofour.co

I also want to thank our talented team, Anu, who helped form the idea, run operations and financials. Nick A., who helped take my ideas and helped us create a voice, Scott V., who’s played multiple creative roles. Finally,Jaquan, who helped create and manage our social media presence. I would also like to thank the artists that we’ve partnered with early on – Christynne, and Keith. A special thanks to @nk.da for some great lifestyle shots as well as many others who contributed to the project so far.

This is still in it’s very early stages so we hope to keep growing. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Thanks in advance!

Bhargava Chiluveru